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The new Subsite 8500 Location System, consists of an 8500T tracker, 8500D display, and 850 series beacon, is an advanced, highly accurate electronic guidance system that is surprisingly simple to use. Its intuitive interface has easy-to-understand graphics, no cryptic symbols that require additional training time. As it guides you through the tracking process, instructing you how to calibrate the beacon, you'll soon realize that the 8500 guidance system is like nothing else on the market.

Basic Specifications

  • Operating Modes: 1.75/11.2 kHz
  • Roll: 60 Positions
  • Pitch: 0.1% or 1% Increments
  • Depth Range: 9.1 to 18.3 metres
  • Receiver Battery Life: 20 Hours approx.
  • Beacon Battery Life: 10/20 Hours approx.
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Location, depth, roll angle, pitch, beacon temperature, battery status, the Ditch Witch Electronics 750 Tracker and 750 Display see all and tell all. The lightweight, exceptionally durable 752 system works with Ditch Witch directional drilling beacons to provide the vital information you need for a successful HDD system installation.

Basic Specifications

  • Operating Modes: 29 kHz, 8 kHz, 50/60 Hz
  • Roll: 12 Positions
  • Pitch: 1% Increments
  • Depth Range: 30 metres
  • Receiver Battery Life: 20 Hours approx.
  • Beacon Battery Life: 60 Hours approx.
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Subsite Electronics offers a versatile line of beacons to work with our broad range of HDD tooling & Subsite HDD Guidance Systems, including the 750, 8500 & TK Series. These beacons are as durable as they are dependable, in providing HDD bore-path data. Rubber end caps, secure HDD tool clcoking contacts and springs on battery fittings provide better protection from shock & vibration, & enhance overall performance. All our beacons can be repaired to help save you money.

Basic Specifications

  • Roll: 12/60 Positions
  • Pitch: 0.1/1% Increments
  • Depth Range: 9.1 to 24.6 metres
  • Beacon Battery Life: 14 to 60 Hours approx.
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Planning a bore in advance saves time, money, and reduces complications. With Ditch Witch TMS Plus, a Windows®-based management tool, you can plan the bore, monitor its real-time progress, and print out a completed survey or as-built map when you're done.