P80 Rod Pusher
P80 Rod Pusher
P80 Rod Pusher
P80 Rod Pusher
P80 Rod Pusher
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The simple hydraulic hookups, simplicity of operation, and simple, unassuming appearance of the P80 Rod Pusher contrast with its complex physics, a 210 kg unit that can produce 36,800 kgs of thrust and pullback. You don't need to know how it works. You just need to know that it does.

Basic Specifications

  • Thrust/Pullback: 36,800 kgs
  • Bore Diameter: 325mm
  • Max. Expander Dia: 325mm
  • Power Pack Engine: 24hp Honda GX670 Petrol Engine
  • Powerful thrust and pullback capability in a compact package.
  • P80 produces 36,800 kg thrust/pullback at 2500 psi (172 bar).
  • Rotating rod thrust/pullback cylinder and slant-nose boring head provides accurate directional control.
  • Power source is positioned away from launch pit, separating operator from noise and exhaust.
  • P80 can bore with directional control to 152 m or more.
  • Three setup options: T-Bar for narrow trenches; backbrace for long-range boring in narrow pits; and trench box for maximum anchoring and shoring protection.
  • Boring head can be tracked and guided using Ditch Witch electronic beacon and receiver systems.
  • Variety of boring heads available, depending on soil conditions.
  • Optional trench box serves as a boring/shoring platform; push rods store on side of box, and the open-bottom design allows box to be lifted up and around completed installation.
  • Optional electrical strike system alerts operator if a live electrical cable is struck.
  • Your Ditch Witch equipment is backed by the best dealer in the industry, who you can count on for unmatched


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